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With the passage of time, the complexion can grow darker or duller. These phenomena are the result of two distinct processes.

Darkening of the complexion and the appearance of brown spots

When we are young the ski reacts to sun exposure by producing melanin in an even manner. This is a pigment which colours the skin and protects the DNA from ultraviolet rays.

The problem is that as time goes by the epidermis tires and can no longer respond to aggressions by the sun.

In some cases the melanin accumulates in specific areas, giving rise to brown spots. This hyperpigmentation is caused by repeated exposure to the sun and can also be caused by hormonal changes. This is the case with the famous ‘pregnancy mask’ which can be seen in certain pregnant women.

Dull complexion

Even if the skin colour does not vary with time, it can become uneven. Because they affect the blood circulation, tiredness, pollution and tobacco, count as some of the main factors which can dull the skin. The microcirculation of the blood indeed carries the required oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removes carbon dioxide and waste. If it is altered, the cells deteriorate and renew themselves less quickly. The result: the complexion appears grey, dull and less even.

Finally, the complexion can also become dull by the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface. In this case, a simple facial scrub can give back your skin its radiance.

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