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Very dry skin is uncomfortable. Taut, thin, fragile it lacks of water and can be recognised by:

Its rough feel

  • Its lack of suppleness and softness
  • The itching and tightness sensations it causes
  • The irritated areas and redness it displays

What are the causes of skin dryness?

Lipids, which are involved in ensuring good hydration and protection of the skin, are insufficient at the surface of very dry skin which has not got, or which has lost its capacity to retain water. This change in the barrier function renders very dry skin vulnerable and so more sensitive to external aggressions (bacteria, pollution…).

If you have a very dry skin, maybe:

  • It could be a response to an ongoing or recent external aggression that is very intense.  It could be chemical (the use or drying or detergent products) or climatic (extreme environmental cold or dryness).
  • It could be the sign of a dermatological disease such as atopic dermatitis or ichtyosis, characterised by skin that remains very dry all the time and in many areas of the body.  In this case, it is essential that you consult a dermatologist.

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