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Normal skin is soft to the touch and its complexion is more or less even. Its texture is regular and its pores (little cavities in the skin, dilated to a lesser or greater degree) are hardly visible. Normal skin does not display any obvious imperfection.  Its cells produce in adequate quantities the elements that are needed to maintain good hydration and protect it from bacteria.  

A relative definition

Normal skin defines itself in view of the other types of skin: it is neither too oily or too dry. It has a light shiny appearance, a minor greasy feeling, it does not get tight nor is it prone to redness.

Very often, you would only need to clean it properly and hydrate it sufficiently in order to maintain its soft and unified appearance.

Good capacity of adaptation

Normal skins respond well to change in temperature and humidity. They support well daily aggressions such as pollution and UV rays.

However, it is rare to maintain such skin quality throughout one’s life.

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