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Dry skin is skin lacking of lipids, eater … or both.  It can be recognised by its roughness to the touch.  In all cases, the main feature of this type of skin is a lack of hydration.

The question remains whether your skin falls into the category of physiological dry skin or pathological dry skin.

In the former, it is a genetic problem: your constitution is already established! Your skin is probably very sensitive to cold (it has a tendency to chap) or to dry air.  It can become tight or itchy.

With pathological dry skins, their severe dehydration causes significant discomfort and a cosmetic issue. If your skin falls into this category, it requires medical attention.

A more reactive type of skin than others

In winter, 30 to 40 % of women suffer from dry skin: the famous «crocodile skin » ravages the legs and arms, whilst on the face the sensation of discomfort is accompanied by scales, grooves or redness. This redness can betray inflammation and irritation, characteristics of dry skin. Due to the lack of sebum and protective lipids, these react strongly to external aggressions.

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