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Dermabrasion is a corrective technique which abrades the superficial layers of the skin. The results are obtained by a mechanical action, unlike peelings which use chemical products.

Description of the technique

Dermabrasion is carried out by a specialist, often a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor, who uses a metallic brush or an ultra-fine burr.

The brush, or burr, has a rough surface.  It rotates very quickly and is applied directly to the areas to be treated.  Depending on the desired results, the specialist can vary:

  • the speed of the rotation,
  • the abrasive power of the brush or the burr,
  • the pressure that they apply as they pass the tool over the skin.

After the passing over of the burr or metallic brush,  the superficial layers of the epidermis disappear, totally or partially, which obliges the skin to regenerate. This phenomenon is accompanied by a retraction of the skin: the ‘new‘ skin appears smoother and more firm.


There is an abrasion technique that is more superficial than dermabrasion:  microdermabrasion.

This consists of the projection of microcrystals onto the skin which eliminates dead cells and sometimes the superficial layers of the epidermis. Microcrystals are sprayed and sucked up again by the same tool.

This technique which aims to smooth the epidermis gives radiance back to the complexion and improves fine lines and dark spots.  Results are visible from 2 days after treatment.

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