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With age, skin loses firmness, tone and elasticity and gives the general impression of a slackening of the face.

Areas affected by facial sagging

The process of sagging skin is slow and deep: it begins at around 30 years of age and its consequences on the volume of the face become visible by about 40. The loss of skin tone is most notably shown in the eyelids, the oval of the face (cheeks, nasogenien area) and the cleavage.

Physical distensions

Sagging is not just a consequence of skin ageing. It can also be the result of too much stress on the skin, for example when there is rapid or frequent weight loss or gain. The skin, stretched too hard or too often, then loses its elasticity.

Associated loss of volume

Over the years, not only does the skin relax, but it also ‘atrophies’ : it loses volume. This phenomenon, which also effects fat, muscle and bone tissue, causes facial sagging. Ultimately, the whole structure of the face is radically altered.

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