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There are many reasons why your skin could become dehydrated:

  • You have used an unsuitable product: your skin therefore temporarily dries out
  • You are part of the ones who got naturally dry skin;
  • The dryness of your skin is due to natural skin ageing.

Irritated dry skin

Everyone can experience the feeling of having dry skin at one time or another. Skin is a fragile organ which protects the body against external aggressions. It plays its role thanks to a delicate balance, but this balance can be upset if there is a strong attack: a very dry or cold climate, too much sun exposure or contact with a dangerous or unsuitable product. Rendered fragile, the skin barrier is no longer up to maintaining a sufficient level of hydration.

Dry skin types

Dry skins are more fragile than other skin types because they cannot maintain a good hydration in ‘normal’ living conditions, due to lack of fatty acids and water. Very sensitive, they need to be nourished every day.

Skin that has become dry over the years

The process of skin ageing is more or less determined by the type of skin. However, it concerns everyone since as the years pass, the skin produces less sebum and hyaluronic acid. It is therefore less protected from external aggressions, less supple and less hydrated. Wrinkles form far more easily.

So, remember: skin deserves more and more attention as the body ages.

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