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Often, dark circles can be divided into two categories according to their appearance and their origins.

Coloured dark circles

We talk about coloured dark circles in the case of dark marks below the eyes, of the colour:

  • black
  • purplish
  • grey
  • or yellowy-brown

The most common dark circles are due to bad blood circulation. The skin being very fine in this area, its transparency enables bloods vessels full of pigments and accumulated toxins to appear.

This category also includes the dark circles we call « pigmented », which go beyond the bottom of the lower eyelid and mark the whole circumference of the eye. These dark circles are more from hereditary origin.

Hollow dark circles

This type of dark circle appears when the layer of fat underneath the skin becomes thinner with age. This process renders the contours of the eye-socket more visible. The eyelid and the cheekbone become more pronounced and a space appears.

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