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If the skin has not been submitted to excessive sun, the number of melanocytes is about the same for everyone, whatever the colour of their skin.

Instead, the differences in complexion can be explained by the quality and quantity of the pigment produced. Accordingly, a dark skin produces more melanin than a white skin.

In any case, the degradation of pigments does not happen in the same way for all skins: black skins do not immediately degrade their melanin, whereas with white skins it happens quickly.

Various colours and characteristics

There are an infinite number of skin colours thanks to the mixing of the world’s population. Each one of them has its own characteristics and reacts differently to environmental aggressions.

Dark skins adapt better than white skin to ultraviolet rays and to hot and humid environments, although they suffer from dryness in cold and dry climates.

Alternatively, all skin colours can display a complexion which is more or less dull depending on the environment. Whether you have a light or a dark skin, you may still be susceptible to developing dark spots.

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