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Your skin feels tight, taut and itches? It can happen your skin have to get scales or cracks?  No doubt it is very dry.  This type of skin is characterised by a lack of water and sometimes of lipids, molecules whose presence is essential to maintain good hydration.

Why do some skins become very dry?  How can one limit uncomfortable sensations linked to this dryness? Why are very dry skins more marked by wrinkles and why?  Read our “very dry skin” file, for our advice and explanations.

What is very dry skin ?

Very dry skin is uncomfortable. Taut, thin, fragile it lacks of water and can be recognised by:
Its rough feel

Its lack of suppleness and softness
The itching and tightness sensations it causes
The i...

Problems linked to very dry skin

Very dry skin, if it is not sufficiently hydrated and nourished, causes itching and irritation on a daily basis.
Damaged, it has trouble protecting itself from external aggressions. Moreover, as soon...

The evolution of very dry skin over the years

Dry skin and very dry skin has a tendency to age more rapidly than oily or combination skin.  Wrinkles, especially, appear more quickly and in greater numbers.  Skin sagging however is less evident wi...

Specific products for very dry skin

Very dry skin is particularly affected by the problems of pruritus, inflammation, lesions or even infections, which need to be anticipated.
In the first instance, avoid exposure to aggravating factors...

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