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Hyaluronic acid does not only come in injection form. It also comes as a gel or cream.

Gels made with hyaluronic acid are recommended for skins which lack vitality or which are dehydrated as well as for wrinkles, especially around the eye area. They can also be used to complement injections.

When it is in cream form, hyaluronic acid plumps and rehydrates the skin.  It is therefore used for its capacity to retain water.  These creams can also be used to complement injections.

Filler products

Hyaluronic acid is not the only molecule which gores to make up filler products.  They can also contain collagen, silicone or even polylactic acid. These filler product are classed into three categories:

  • absorbable products,
  • slowly absorbable products,
  • non-absorbable products.

Hyaluronic acid as a complementary solution

You can have hyaluronic injections on their own or as a complement to procedures like peeling, laser, dermabrasion, or even blepharoplasty (an operation which corrects drooping eyelids).

They can also complement injections of botulinum toxin,  which acts more upon the relaxation of muscles and which are designed to treat the signs of skin ageing in the forehead region: forehead, lion wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor will give the best advice about the treatment most suitable for your needs.

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