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Often, dark circles can be divided into two categories according to their appearance and their origins.

Coloured dark circles

Dark circles, whether they are coloured or hollow, are accentuated over the years. The natural process of skin ageing:

  • makes the dark circles under the eyes more and more intense
  • causes the hollowing of the space between the lower eyelid and the cheekbone

If the appearance of your wrinkles does not quickly improve after they first appear, it could be that following a long process, they have permanently arrived. It is therefore important to intervene before this occurs to improve them or make them disappear.

At twenty

At this age dark circles are usually temporary, with the exception of pigmented dark circles of genetic origin.

In the majority of cases, finding a balanced lifestyle and enjoying good quality sleep helps to make these signs of tiredness disappear.

From age thirty

Dark circles can persist on the face of people who are quite young, causing them to look prematurely aged.

There are different solutions to combat these marks. Using creams, for example, activates the blood circulation when you lightly tap the skin as you apply it. Sometimes they immediately conceal the appearance of dark circles thanks to their light-refractory pigments.

Other solutions arising from various aesthetic procedures can improve dark circles:

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