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Nutrition is the science which concerns the impact of food on the body. It takes into account the diet and observes its effects on the human body.

The journey of food

Firstly, a little reminder of your biology classes!

You know that once chewed and swallowed, food joins the digestive system which reduces it into tiny particles, which are then transported by the blood to different organs of the human body.

The skin, like other organs, uses the particles it receives for:

  • renewing itself
  • obtaining energy
  • maintaining its cells
  • protecting itself
  • healing

The chemical process implicated in skin ageing

Certain foods are accelerators of skin ageing because they provoke two particular chemical reactions in the body.

  • Oxidative stress, which arises when free radicals produced by certain foods, which are harmful to the DNA and the cell membranes, are greater in number than the famous anti-oxidants, these molecules which defend the body. This happens when one eats a diet that is not rich enough in anti-oxidants, in nutrients and in essential fatty acids.
  • Glycation, a rather complex chemical reaction in the dermis often caused by a diet that is rich in sugar and protein, which alters the cell membranes of the skin.

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