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Skin is comprised of 70% water. This plays a very important role! Most of this water is contained within the cells themselves, allowing them to live in good condition.

Loss of function

As time passes and with the natural phenomenon of skin ageing, the skin dries out. It loses its capacity for maintaining its stores of water because it produces less sebum, responsible for lubricating and water-proofing and less hyaluronic acid, which traps and mobilises water molecules.

As it dries out, the skin pulls and tightens. Beyond this feeling and the unsightly appearance, it also plays its protective role less well.

Nourish to protect

Hydrating and nourishing dry skin is more than just a beauty gesture:

  • It gives a smooth appearance back to the epidermis,
  • It avoids a sensation of tightness, pruritus (a scratchy sensation) and even pain,
  • It prevents the appearance of wrinkles,
  • It helps the skin play its role as a shield against external aggressions.

If your skin is dehydrated, this signifies the fact that its natural protective film is in bad condition and is letting water evaporate from your body more quickly than it should, which accentuates the dehydration even more.

By using moisturising lotions and cream, you can reinforce the protective barrier of your skin. It can therefore stay better hydrated.

During the day, the application of a moisturising cream specifically developed for your skin type is necessary in order to reinforce this barrier. During the night, contrary to popular belief, it is essential to apply a moisturising cream to limit the loss of water and fats and therefore dehydration.

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