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With age, the skin tends to dry out, the complexion becomes dull and wrinkles gradually appear. To avoid these ageing signs install too fast and deep into skin, it is vital to pay very close attention to one’s skin.

Make-up removal and cleansing: vital actions

We all know it: make-up removal and cleansing are the essentials of any beauty routine. But did you know that these are also vital actions for an effective anti-ageing routine? Indeed, the impurities and dead cells which accumulate on the surface of the skin (sebum + toxins during the night, sebum + make-up + pollution in the day) stop the skin from appropriately oxygenating itself, causes dull complexion and accelerates the process of skin ageing.

Hydrate your skin better

Ageing leads to the dehydration of the skin, which promotes in its turn the appearance of wrinkles. To turn down at best the appearance of the signs of ageing, it is essential to hydrate yourself, by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day and nourishing your skin with hydrating creams adapted to your skin type and maturity.

Proven anti-ageing products

With age, the body functions less effectively. The cell renewal of the skin takes place more slowly: skin regenerates less quickly, dead cells accumulate there. Similarly, the production of collagen and elastic, which gives skin its firmness and elasticity, diminishes. Anti-ageing products help you prevent and correct all of these phenomena, thanks to the active ingredients they contain. To help you understand better the ingredients in your skincare products, note that:

  • Retinol stimulates cell renewal and the production of collagen, a molecule which gives elasticity to the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid, naturally produced by the body, it is capable of retaining water and consequently it helps to plump the skin.
  • Anti-oxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and external aggressions.
  • Glycerin and Shea butter are ultra-hydrating body butters.
  • Bugrane is a plant whose extract helps to restart the production of elastin, a molecule which gives the skin its suppleness.

Aesthetic dermatology, an effective anti-ageing method

In addition to the daily anti-ageing products, you can also turn to light aesthetic procedures like peelings, hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injections, or laser procedures, which directly treat wrinkles, improve the complexion and give back a certain evenness to the skin.

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