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Skin sagging provokes deep changes in the volume of the face. These marks can be even more visible as sagging skin is linked to sub-cutaneous factors: loss of skin volume, fat, muscle and bone.

The evolution of facial fat

Indeed, in conjunction with the loss of firmness of the skin, some of the fat contained in the sub-cutaneous layers can atrophy and become displaced under the effect of gravity, giving rise to nasolabial fold and to bags under the eyes bags under the eyes.

Muscles and ageing

Over years, the facial muscles become more rigid and retract due to repeated contractions, provoking the appearance of wrinkles like frown lines. The facial expression can sometimes be changed by this: this is the case with people whose corners of the mouth grow slack giving them a sad or dissatisfied air.

The bone structure of the face

As time passes, even the bones themselves are affected. Bone weight diminishes, causing a decline in bone mass. The face loses its roundness. The jugal bone (situated at the place where you apply blusher) is reabsorbed, causing tissues to drop down.

Ultimately, the whole structure of the face is changed.

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