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We would all like to sleep longer and better, but that is not always easy: theory is one thing, practice is quite another!  Fortunately, there are some solutions to provide a healthy and radiant glow back to tired-looking skins marked by lack of sleep.

Hydrate your skin

Tired skin is also dehydrated skin. Give suppleness and radiance back to your skin by drinking more water than usual. Choose creams that are rich in hydrophilic molecules, such as hyaluronic acid or seaweed extracts. Also, apply products enriched with fatty nourishing elements such as glycerin, shea butter or argan oil.

Rediscover a radiant complexion

There are numerous products which, thanks to their hydrating properties and the active ingredients that they contain, will become your allies to help you stay looking good. Before applying them remember to get rid of your dead skin cells by cleansing your face, then rinsing it in cold water to reactivate microcirculation.  You will give your face a radiance boost! Don’t skip your 30 minutes of daily physical activity: they help you to eliminate toxins, increase your oxygen levels and stimulate your circulation. Your skin breathes even better and it is like cleaning it from the inside. Plus as a bonus, exercise makes us secrete endorphins, molecules which lift our spirits, which are often lower after too little sleep.

Swap your tired look for a bright, luminous look

There are tons of good excuses for having too little sleep.  Unfortunately, dark circles under the eyes, red eyes and puffy eyelids give away our lack of sleep… Quickly take these steps to save your looks! The contours of the eyes are fragile and sensitive zones that need tailor-made products and lots of gentleness.  As you apply it, tap it very delicately upon the contours of the eyes and eyelids to manually activate your microcirculation.  This simple act helps to decongest this zone and regenerate it: dark circles and eye bags can pack their bags! Some products will even give you a little boost to the light reflectors that help to camouflage the shadows under your eyes.  

Finally, if you have enough time and are good at homespun remedies, place a slice of cucumber or a cold teabag on each eyelid for 15 minutes and you will soon get shot of those eye bags!

Take action to prevent and correct fine lines and wrinkles

To slow the formation and development of fine lines and wrinkles, apply creams enriched in:

  • Anti-oxidants such as vitamin E or C to combat excess free radicals
  • Retinol which helps the synthesis of collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid, a molecule which maintains the hydration of the skin and helps keep it toned.

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