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Products created for oily skin aim to eliminate two main problems: the shiny appearance and imperfections linked to this type of skin.

Some people think they are doing the right thing when they strip their skin with strong products containing alcohol or astringents.  Big mistake! As well as being ineffective, these practices can have the inverse effect to the one predicted by provoking an even greater production of sebum.

Anyway, against all appearances, oily skin needs to be hydrated and nourished. It is fragile, like other types of skin.

Habits to avoid

Certain products, like household soap and lotions containing alcohol, give the impression of effectively eliminating the film that covers oily skin. Don’t make that mistake, this is only a temporary effect.  In reality, the more that one seeks to suppress the excess of sebum, the more the skin produces it; it is a real vicious circle.

The sun can also give the impression of balancing out the skin, by reducing imperfections and making it clearer. But the long-term effects are quite different! The rays of the sun indeed lead to an accumulation of sebum which triggers the appearance of new spots when a tan has faded.  Remember therefore to protect yourself with products – non-oil of course – during all sun exposure.

Oily skin: what can you do?

The basis of good habits to adopt?  Remove make-up and clean your skin morning and evening. Remember that oily skin needs products like:

  • Milks
  • Gels
  • Micellar lotions
  • Gentle soaps

For hydration, choose light and matifying creams which considerably reduce your face’s shiny appearance.

Finally, use scrubs and masks for oily skin, once a week, to deeply cleanse of impurities…

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