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Normal skin is fairly balanced skin but not perfect either. It is sensitive to the effects of time and to keep its qualities as long as possible, it needs special care.

Cleanse a normal skin

Gentle cleansers are the most suitable for normal skins. Depending on your preferences in terms of texture, you can choose between:

  • A cleansing water
  • A micellar water
  • A make-up remove and cleansing milk
  • A cleansing oil
  • A foaming cleanser

Whatever the selected product, make sure to use it regularly. Washing your face is necessary in order to maintain a healthy skin throughout his life. These cleansing steps can be completed by the use of a tonic.

Moisturise a normal skin

For the next step, a moisturiser for normal skin is perfect. Hydration is essential, even if the normal skin does not seem to run out of water. Applying a moisturiser will prevent the progressive drying out of your epidermis over time.

Purify a normal skin

A normal skin supports well scrubs and masks if they are not practiced too often. These help to rid the surface of the epidermis layer of impurities. For example, you can try the following beauty routine:

  • A scrub once or twice a week through gentle, non-aggressive exfoliating products to protect the shield of the skin which is the epidermis.
  • A mask once a week, alternating purifying and hydrating masks, as well as masks revealing skin radiance.

Remember, if your skin has a dry appearance from time to time or if it shows more sensitivity at times, that means it occasionally needs special care. You will then need to use skincare products adapted for dry skins (INSERT LINK:

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