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We often confuse combination skin and normal skin but these two types of skin do not have the same needs at all.

Combination skin requires very special attention. The “T” zone has a greasy tendency and must be cleaned effectively, whereas the dry zones, which are the cheeks and the temples, require even more delicacy.  You would therefore do well to work step by step to answer the needs of each of these areas.

Working on the “T” Zone  

To clean your face, the best thing is to opt for a gentle product, a micellar lotion for example or a special milk for normal or combination skin.

Next choose a non-greasy matifying cream to hydrate the T zone and close up the pores.

Finally, you can complete the specific treatment for the T zone by an astringent and purifying mask or by an exfoliating and clarifying treatment once or twice a week. However, make sure you restrict their use to the right area and do not touch the normal or dry zones, which are more fragile.

Clean and hydrate the dry zone

The dry zones in combination skin lack of water and sometimes of lipids. They must therefore be suitably nourished with a moisturising cream which is richer than that used on the “T” zone. This cream must:

  • restore the protective film which is found at the surface of the epidermis
  • limit dehydration
  • avoid irritation

You can also use an exfoliating and clarifying treatment, being sure not to perform less than one or two applications per month. As for masks, it is better to choose one which has a hydrating effect.

The dry zones are unfortunately too often neglected. Do you not also tend to aim to improve the appearance of the oily T zone above all else?  However, it is the dry zones that will take the upper hand and spread over time, due to skin ageing. Far better to adopt good habits as early as possible!

All-in-one products for combination skin

The idea that you have to look after the T zone and the dry areas of the face separately puts off some people. If you are one of them, do not give up, there are now ‘all-in-one products which are capable of hydrating normal to dry skin at the same time as rebalancing the zones with a tendency to oiliness. The Holy Grail of combination skin in other words!  So, you have no excuse to neglect your own...

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