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Actively hydrate and protect skin appearance

The Moisturising Spray Lotion SPF 50+ SOLEIL-PROTECT protects and improves skin’s youthful moisture.

Anti-Ageing Rituals & Skin Care

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Adopt a new lifestyle

Adopt a new lifestyle

  • Suitable for all skin types, even dry
  • Paraben free
  • Water resistant
  • Format 200ml

Moisturising effect: +42% after only 3 hours 1


Enriched in glycerin, this lotion ensures very high sun protection whilst improving skin's youthful moisture. This lotion is also formulated with powerful anti-oxidants that protect skin against the harmful effects of free radicals resulting from external aggressions.

Its non-greasy, velvety texture penetrates rapidly and leaves no white residue.

Proven Results

  • A combination of high performance UVA & UVB filters that protects against photo-damage and prevent premature skin ageing (wrinkles, sagging, age spots,…).
  • Provides all the moisture your skin needs whilst leaving a velvety touch.

Moisturising effect : +42% after only 3 hours1

1Hydration test, 16 subjects, after application


  • Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure. A reduced quantity lowers the protection level significantly. Reapply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or towelling. Avoid midday sun and staying too long in the sun even while using sunscreens. Keep babies and children out of direct sunlight.

Key Ingredients

  • A combination of high performance UVA & UVB filters to protect skin against photo-ageing.
  • Edelweiss and Feverfew, powerful anti-oxidants that help protect skin against the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Glycerin, an ingredient well known for its effective moisturizing action.