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Dermabrasion is considered to be a surface treatment. It is a technique aimed solely at the epidermis, which is eliminated partially or totally. It can be associated with other anti-ageing techniques such as:

For those who are looking for alternatives to dermabrasion, there are other possible solutions such as peeling and lasers.


This is a chemical abrasive technique which improves the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles as well as dark spots. It gives a real radiance boost to the complexion, and smoothes and firms the skin.

This technique exfoliates, or rather burns off the outer layers of the epidermis. To this end, different types of acid are used, natural or otherwise, with different levels of concentration. The results, particularly on wrinkles, depend on the depth achieved and therefore on the type of acids used.


This is a thermal abrasive technique that corrects wrinkles and fine lines, improves dark spots and other imperfections.

There are many types of lasers and they do not operate in exactly the same way, nor do they work to the same depth. The dermatologist will choose the correct laser to give the desired results.

For all questions regarding choosing the most suitable method of treatment, consult your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor, who will advise you best.

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