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Procedures such as dermabrasion and laser treatment are possible when one is looking for the same results but with a different technique.


Dermabrasion is the mechanical abrasion of the skin.  The dermatologist or aesthetic doctor uses a little burr or brush to mechanically eliminate the outer layers of the skin.

This technique enables you to improve wrinkles and fine lines, improves brown spots and other skin imperfections.

The aesthetic practitioner will determine the number of treatment sessions according to the condition of your skin and the desired results.

Laser treatments

There is not just one, but several lasers.  All of them have the same objective: to suppress or improve fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and other imperfections.

Some of them work deeply, whereas others only eliminate the superficial layers of the skin. Once again, your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor will know how to advise you about the most suitable laser.

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