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Very dry skin, if it is not sufficiently hydrated and nourished, causes itching and irritation on a daily basis.

Damaged, it has trouble protecting itself from external aggressions. Moreover, as soon as it is subjected to harsh conditions, it becomes even more sensitive and fragile ad so less capable of protecting itself: the old story of the dog chasing its tail…

Skin dryness and itching

Severe dryness of the skin can provoke pruritus, itching in a very localised area or a very wide area of the skin, especially common in old people.  This is not necessary painful but the scratching that it provokes can lead to painful lesions on the skin.

Dryness and skin inflammation

Very dry skin sometimes displays little inflammations:

  • The skin reddens or swells
  • Lesions appear, some may weep
  • Itching gets worse


Very dry skin which is prone to pruritus and inflammations is more vulnerable to the intrusion of bacteria. These can effectively breach the barrier of the epidermis more easily and provoke infections. This is why it is important to take care of dry skin and to avoid the development or establishment of such symptoms.

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