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Normal skins, as their name suggests, do not present any particular problems. They are sufficiently hydrated, which enables them to stay supple and soft to the touch and to resist well to external aggressions.

Extreme conditions

Despite their good balance, normal skins are however not able to cope with all the aggressions encountered in a lifetime, such as:

  • The cold
  • Very dry atmospheres
  • Prolonged unprotected exposure to ultraviolet
  • Repeated friction on the skin

If you have a normal skin, know that these aggressions are attacking your skin and damage the protective film. This is not necessarily visible today but if you do nothing to protect your skin, you will notice the damage in the medium and longer term...

The environment

Beyond extreme conditions, your lifestyle also plays an important role in the appearance of your skin. Nutrition, sleep or stress have indeed an impact on skin and on its ageing.

In conclusion, normal skins do not present any particular problems, they nevertheless deserve special care to prevent damage due to external factors or natural ageing. Your skin will be more prepared and more able to fight against these two phenomena. Word to the wise!

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