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Peeling allows you to smooth the skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, to eliminate dark spots, scars and other imperfections of the skin and face.  The results of this anti-ageing technique are more or less set: they depend on the chosen type of peeling.

Very superficial peeling

This peeling, the lightest, gives a radiance boost to the face. It is aimed at people whose face is not very marked and who would like a more glowing complexion.

Superficial peeling

This peeling works on the epidermis, which it totally or partially eliminates according to the concentration of acids used.  It smoothes the skin and helps anomalies of texture disappear.  More precisely, it allows you to:

  • improve the first fine lines and the shallow marks,
  • lighten skin complexion, to give it back radiance,
  • eliminate some little spots,
  • eliminate pregnancy masks.

Peeling is aimed at women who are embarrassed by the first signs of ageing.  It is the most frequently chosen.

Medium peeling

The concentration of the acids in the products used for medium peeling allows for a deeper action, down to the dermis.  Deeper wrinkles are smoothed, resistant marks on the skin (lentigos, hyperpigmentations) disappear, as well as some superficial scars.

These peelings are aimed at those who have tried superficial peeling without any result, or who have more marked wrinkles.

Deep peeling

These entail a veritable burn to the skin until it reaches halfway through the dermis. They are therefore reserved for skin that has been very marked by the sun and/or scars and in more advanced cases of skin ageing (withered and sagging skin, deep wrinkles). It is therefore better not to resort to this before being at least 45 years old. It should be known that with this heavy procedure, the risks of scars are not negligible.

Your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor will be your best guide in the choice of peeling that is best suited to you.

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