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Our long-standing commitment to scientific research and to clinical studies is stronger than ever.

Pioneering science and a comprehensive study protocol

All of our skincare products (anti-ageing, essentials and sun care) have been subject to numerous tests in order to prove their tolerance and effectiveness.

1. The formulas are first developed based on a thorough selection of our best active ingredients which guarantee good tolerance and effectiveness. In order to select the perfect ingredient for a targeted anti-ageing action, our scientists could screen up to more than 800 ingredients and conduct clinical tests for up to 12 months!

The compatibility of active ingredients is also studied, in order to guarantee the best choice of formulas and to offer a good tolerance and great effectiveness. The active ingredients developed by RoC® are combined with high quality textures and benefit from ongoing research to optimise the vehicles.

2. Tolerance of our skincare products is then tested in normal conditions of use, in other words, they are tested by the subjects for whom they are intended.  Therefore, we have tested our professional skincare products for sensitive skins on a group of people who have sensitive skin.  This step enables us to test both the tolerance and the perceived effectiveness of our products, as well as the experience or feelings of the subjects when using them.

3. Finally, the last stage of our study protocol consists of conducting robust clinical studies*, enabling us to prove the effectiveness of our products for targeted skin concerns such as the reduction of wrinkles, the firming of the skin, protection against UV rays…

This methodology allows us to offer products with sophisticated, effective and well-tolerated formulations.

A study protocol reinforced by understanding cosmetic procedures

Research based on patients and led by the RoC®  Observatory provides us with unparalleled understanding of the patients’ experience regarding anti-ageing skin care and  aesthetic dermatology procedures (peelings, injections of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin). How the patients feel, as well as their needs and perspectives strongly guide the development of our products and recommended uses.

We have learned, through our studies, that 50% of women have already had or are planning to have a light aesthetic procedure such as hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injections, or superficial peeling.

So, with the help of aesthetic dermatology experts, we have put in place a unique protocol of clinical tests around aesthetic procedures in order to prove the tolerance and effectiveness of certain of our anti-ageing skincare products when used as a complementary support to aesthetic procedure.

  1. The first stage of this protocol consists, in the same way as for most of our products, of the selection of the best active ingredients which allows us to combine tolerance and effectiveness for our patients.
  2. Next we test the mechanisms of action of these products** thanks to in vitro tests on skin explants (reconstituted skin), in order to show how they relevantly support and complement aesthetic procedures.
  3. We test the tolerance of our products and the experience of patients before, just after, or one week after an aesthetic procedure by conducting tolerance tests called “in use tests“***.
  4. Finally, we have put into place unique clinical studies enabling us to prove the complementary role of a number of our anti-ageing products** when used in conjunction with light aesthetic procedures (peelings,  hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injections).

*Professional anti-ageing products and anti-ageing products for sensitive skin

**Pro-Calm, Pro-Renove, Pro-Correct

***Pro-Renove, Pro-Correct, Pro-Calm, Pro-Cica, Pro-Protect

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