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From adolescence, oily skin is the obsessive fear of nearly all women. However beware, periods of hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause can bring this fear back! No need to worry though, there are targeted skincare products addressing this type of problem.  So if you have an oily skin, take comfort: wrinkles certainly appear less quickly and in smaller number for you than for your friends!  

*Read our “oily skin” file, with our advice and explanations.

What is oily skin?

A skin is described as oily when it:

Has a shiny and greasy appearance
Displays pores which are slightly dilated
Has an uneven tone
Is thick
Is prone to blackheads

In reality, few people really have...

Problems linked to oily skin

Adolescents are not the only ones to be concerned by oily skin and its associated problems. You can too!
The menopause in particular, because of the hormonal imbalances it causes, is an event which ca...

The evolution of oily skin through the years

As it ages, skin has the tendency to dehydrate. It loses its elasticity, gains wrinkles and grows thin.
Oily skin, which is rather thick, produces excessive amounts of a substance involved in maintain...

Specific products for oily skin

Products created for oily skin aim to eliminate two main problems: the shiny appearance and imperfections linked to this type of skin.
Some people think they are doing the right thing when they strip...

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

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