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Who has not dreamed of having normal skin, quite simply? Neither too greasy, nor too dry, normal skin is soft, even, without any imperfections and it resists relatively well to external aggressions like sudden changes in temperature. But do not trust appearances: normal skins also need attention because they tend to change over time into dry skin, the type of skin most quickly affected by ageing.  How does one take care of this type of skin on a daily basis? How to slow down the signs of ageing? Read our « normal skin » file, for advice and explanations.

What is normal skin?

Normal skin is soft to the touch and its complexion is more or less even. Its texture is regular and its pores (little cavities in the skin, dilated to a lesser or greater degree) are hardly visible....

Problems linked to normal skin

Normal skins, as their name suggests, do not present any particular problems. They are sufficiently hydrated, which enables them to stay supple and soft to the touch and to resist well to external agg...

The evolution of normal skin over the years

Balanced, supple, soft to the touch, though normal skins do not have any particular problem, they are however subject to natural aging like any other skin type.
Skin ageing
Did you know that skin cell...

Specific products for normal skin

Normal skin is fairly balanced skin but not perfect either. It is sensitive to the effects of time and to keep its qualities as long as possible, it needs special care.
Cleanse a normal skin
Gentle c...

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Take Your Skin Diagnostic

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