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Injections of botulinum toxins are primarily recommended for people who wish to reduce their expression wrinkles.

The best uses for this type of injection are:

Sometimes, it is also possible to treat the nose area, the chin or the neck.

The desired results

After an injection of botulinum toxin, the results can be seen at many levels:

  • the wrinkled area of the forehead relaxes, the skin is smoothed but it still remains mobile and expressive. There must not be complete paralysis, whatever the area treated,
  • wrinkles around the forehead progressively reduce,
  • crow’s feet are visibly reduced, even when one smiles. For some people, they even disappear completely.

These results are visible from the third day, but in general one needs to wait for 15 days to see the longer-term effects.

Botulinum toxin mainly targets the expression wrinkles but it must not hinder facial expressions. That is why carrying out injections of botulinum toxin requires an acute knowledge of the anatomy of the facial muscles.

Precautions and contraindications

Be careful to choose a professional who thoroughly understands the anatomy of the face and who will take the time to examine your personal features, your expressions and your muscular movements and above all who will know how to inject the correct doses for you.  This will avoid you getting a swollen and inexpressive face as is the case with many famous actresses!

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