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What the expert says

“Sensitive skin reacts more strongly than other types of skin to external factors like the sun, the cold, pollution, dryness, or even the use of non-specialist products. Bad lifestyle habits such as an unbalanced diet, drinking too much alcohol, or bad stress management also affects sensitive skin. It therefore leads to intolerance reactions: tightness, redness, itchiness or irritation can arise, symptoms of “skin sickness” which is causing neuromediators to intervene.  So it is important to protect and soothe one’s skin so that irritations do not worsen, by using special products specifically developed sensitive skin.”

Virginie Nollent
Virginie Nollent
R&D expert
Virginie Nollent
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Your beauty ritual

All our beauty tips to take care of your sensitive skin

Our skin care solution

In the morning

  1. Every morning, gently wash your face with a hypoallergenic product, without soap or fragrance, like the RoC® PRO-CLEANSE Extra Gentle Wash-Off Cleanser. Specifically designed for the most sensitive skins, this ultra-mild formula will remove all the impurities accumulated during the night, without irritating it or over-drying it.
  2. Next, prepare your skin to face external aggressions with RoC® PRO-CALM Extra Soothing Comfort Cream. Enriched with Feverfew, a chamomile extract known for its soothing properties, this cream constitutes a veritable anti-irritation and anti-oxidation cocoon which protects your skin day after day.

    On very sunny days, use instead RoC® PRO-PROTECT Extra Soothing Protecting Cream: in addition to Feverfew, this cream contains UV filters (SPF 50) which protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

In the evening

  1. Before going to bed, make sure you remove all make-up and wash away all impurities from your face: your sensitive skin is even less tolerant than any other skin type when it comes to spending the night under sebum, make-up and pollution accumulated during the day that prevents it from breathing.  So use products with optimal tolerance, without soap, alcohol or fragrance like the Extra Comfort Cleansing Water.
  2. Re-apply RoC® PRO-CALM Extra Soothing Comfort Cream which will work effectively all night to provide your skin optimal comfort when you awake.
Our lifestyle tips

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  • Prioritize certain foods

    Choose foods that will cause your cortisol and adrenalin levels to drop. This is the case of fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel…), rapeseed oil or nut oil, rich in omega Magnesium being very effective against stress, regularly eat fruits and vegetables that contain the most magnesium such as spinach, broccoli or bananas.

    The greedy ones will be delighted: packed with anti-oxidants and magnesium, dark chocolate is excellent for combatting stress. When you feel a little peckish, one square of it with a few nuts will do you a world of good!

    Finally, to fight oxidative stress, choose fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as blackcurrants, citrus fruit, kiwi, peppers and cauliflower.

  • Take a deep breath

    When you feel stress mounting, cut it off by switching off your mind and reconnecting to your body.  To do that, practice abdominal breathing, with your eyes closed: breathe deeply through the nose, inflate your stomach rather than your chest, and then exhale calmly through your mouth, 15 to 20 times in a row.

  • Expend energy

    Sports activities lead to the release of hormones conducive to well-being, such as endorphins and dopamine. For at least 30 minutes per day, 5 times per week, you will notice that your level of anxiety will significantly drop.