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All around the eye, skin is very fine and therefore very fragile. Why is it so fragile? Because only fine skin makes significant muscular activity possible. Eyelids indeed carry out up to 10,000 blinks in one day!

Another fact, the contour of the eye only contains small quantities of collagen, elastin and lipids insofar as elements which normally bring resistance and elasticity to the skin.

For all these reasons, the area around the contour of the eye is sensitive to ageing and deteriorates more quickly.

Weakening and slackening

As the years pass, the skin around the eye tires, its fibres relax more and more. The blood circulation and lymphatic system slows down. In the body, the blood transports nutrients and oxygen whereas the lymph gathers the waste. If the activity of these two systems decreases, that can lead to water retention and therefore puffiness under the eyes. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you frequently tap on the area below the eyes when you apply cream there. This light massage stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation, which decongests the area and deflates the lower eyelid.

Another cause of the formation of eye bags: the sliding towards the lower eyelid of the fat which lets the eye turn easily in its socket.

Finally, the muscles around the eye can sometimes develop in a very significant way, like, for example, when some people suffer from myopia which is not, or is badly, corrected.

Heredity and lifestyle

The first element responsible for the appearance of bags under the eyes is the genetic profile: indeed, we are not all made equal with regard to this phenomenon. Add to heredity certain environmental factors like tiredness, stress, alcohol abuse or even the consumption of tobacco which, due to their harmful effect on the lymphatic and blood circulation, are also responsible for the formation of eye bags.

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