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All around the eye, the skin is very fine and therefore very fragile. Why is it so fragile? Because only a fine skin makes significant muscular activity possible. Eyelids indeed carry out up to 10 000 blinks in one day!

Another fact, the contour of the eye only contains small quantities of collagen, elastin and lipids, all which normally provides resistance and elasticity to the skin.

For all these reasons, the area around the contour of the eye is sensitive to ageing and deteriorates more quickly.

So, what are the factors causing dark circles to appear?

Altered blood circulation

The colour of dark circles can be explained by bad blood circulation. Around the eyes, the skin is so fine that the accumulation of pigment in the blood vessels is more visible here than elsewhere.

Stress, the consumption of tobacco or alcohol impacts upon the blood circulation and also participates in the darkening of the skin located just beneath the eyes.

Too little sleep can also cause the appearance of dark circles. Indeed, at night, during the sleep, the lymphatic circulation which ensures the elimination of waste is working at its maximum. When you reduce the number of hours that you sleep, at the same time you are limiting elimination of organic waste, which is essential to the sound functioning of cells.

Ageing, one cause of the appearance of dark circles

In addition, there is the natural phenomenon of skin ageing. Around the eye the skin, already very fine, becomes thinner over time. Collagen and elastin fibres degrade, their production slows down. The skin sags. Less firm and thinner, the eye contour becomes marked with fine lines and shows the blood vessels. Dark circles are reinforced and set in permanently.

You should also be aware that a dark circle can also be created by a change in volume: over time, the layer of cutaneous fat becomes thinner, which can make the space located just below the eye hollow.

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