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Bioelectricity (low level voltages and electrical currents) is present in all living things: plants, animals and humans. It is our natural signaling process, which is essential for the functioning of our cells in the body.

Bioelectricity is a mechanism our body uses to trigger, perform and coordinate life functions. It directs key functions of the body, for example electrical pulses in nerves or hearts’ contraction. In 1771 that Galvani discovered “animal electricity” in the famous experiment where frogs’ legs kicked as if alive, when their nerves were touched.

Bioelectricity is now widely used in modern healthcare (e.g. in diagnostic (heart ECG), electrotherapy (pace makers) and regenerative medicine) and has also been proven to help the skin repair itself. Professionals are using the science of Bioelectricity to improve skin appearance in anti-ageing treatments, in the form of patches and battery-operated portable devices.

Inspired by bioelectric-stimulation, scientists at RoC® created a real innovation in skincare: E-PULSE™. For the 1st time in a cream*, this patented** technology creates low levels micro-currents that accelerates skin’s repair systems*** to help visibly rejuvenate skin

*From RoC®
** USA granted patents
*** In vitro