RoC® COMPLETE LIFT, Lifting Firming Daily Moisturiser
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Lifting Firming Daily Moisturiser

Anti-Sagging + Anti Wrinkle action

Thanks to its dual action technology, this COMPLETE LIFT day cream gives a measurable 2 millimetre lift* that lasts.

  • THPE contracts the cells** for a measurable lift*.
  • Bugrane, a plant extract, stimulates the production of elastin** to help maintain the lifting effect*.

*cosmetic lifting effect of 7 hours, clinical grading : 8 weeks, 48 women
** In Vitro tests

THPE: Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine

Used daily, your skin is moisturised, firmer and feels velvety soft. The appearance of wrinkles is noticeably reduced, your skin looks visibly lifted* and your facial contour appears as more defined.
*Cosmetic Lifting effect

Apply every morning on the face and neck. The cream acts as a very good base for make-up. Use alone or create your own daily regimen with other products from the Complete Lift range.

All skin types.


  • THPE contracts the cells* to rapidly tighten and firm the skin.
  • Bugrane stimulates the production of elastin* to help maintain the lifting effect.
  • Glycerin moisturises skin, making it feel softer and firmer.

*In vitro tests


An immediate and long lasting lifting effect*:
*cosmetic lifting effect


From a certain age, when collagen and elastin production decreases in the cells, the skin begins to sag and the facial contour changes. More than wrinkles, this change in facial definition can be more upsetting than wrinkles. To deal with this problem, think about using a daily anti-ageing cream that firms and tightens the skin, to create a lifting effect and help support facial redefinition.