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The Extra-Repairing Recovery Balm PRO-CICA repairs sensitive and damaged1 skins and intensely soothes.

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Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Adopt a new lifestyle

Adopt a new lifestyle

  • Suitable for sensitive & very sensitive, sensitized, dry & very dry and damaged skins1
  • Post irritation, redness, post waxing
  • Hypoallergenic2
  • Fragrance free, paraben free
  • Proven tolerance
  • Format 50ml

Helps repair sensitive and damaged skins for 79% of women 3


This repairing balm has been specifically developed for sensitive, dry or damaged1 skins. Enriched in zinc, hyaluronic acid and emollients, this hypoallergenic2, fragrance-free formula repairs sensitive and damaged1 skins and intensely soothes. It can also be used on skins gotten sensitive just after a dermo-aesthetic procedure (superficial peeling or non ablative laser). Its rich texture is easy to spread.   

1Due to dryness

2Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies

Proven Results

Your skin is soothed and repaired day after day.

After one week:

  • Helps repairs sensitive and damaged skins: 79% of women3
  • Improve skin repair process  of dry and damaged skins: 94% of women3
  • Actively soothes dry and damaged skins: 97% of women3

Post peeling proven results4:    

  • Soothes skin immediately as from the 1st application
  • Repairs and helps protect skin from external aggressions  
  • 100% of women acknowledge, after one month use, a reduction in downtime after the procedure.

3Self assessment, 33 subjects, application 2 to 4 times a day

4Self assessment, 20 subjects, 28 days after a peeling, application 2 to 4 times a day


Apply 2-4 times per day.

Post aesthetic dermatology use:

This balm can also be used immediately after a superficial peeling or a light non-ablative laser treatment to improve skin comfort and accelerate skin reparation.

Key Ingredients

  • Zinc, acknowledged for its anti-bacterial action.
  • Hyaluronic acid, acknowledged for its repairing properties.