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You have a dull skin, which is tight and lacks of suppleness? No doubt you have dry skin, meaning a thirsty one!  Numerous factors, such as pollution or weather conditions can be responsible for this dehydration. Therefore it is crucial to protect your skin to limit irritations from external aggressions.

Read our “dry skin” file, for advice and explanations.

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is skin lacking of lipids, eater … or both.  It can be recognised by its roughness to the touch.  In all cases, the main feature of this type of skin is a lack of hydration.
The question rema...

Problems linked to dry skin

The opposite of oily skin, dry skin appears thin, matt and without imperfections.  The pores are more closed up.
On the other hand: people who have this type of skin are prone to a daily discomfort du...

The evolution of dry skin over the years

All skins are not made equal when it comes to skin ageing.  Some, like dry skins, are more prone to wrinkles and signs of ageing due to their dehydration which causes a loss of elasticity and marks up...

Specific products for dry skin

Good habits to adopt
To clean or cleanse dry skin, it is better to choose a milk or gentle cleansing solution which is pH neutral.  You can then combine rehydration and protection with a cream or hyd...

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Take Your Skin Diagnostic

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