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Dermabrasion is intended for people who wish to improve or smooth the skins of skin ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, improves dark spots and other imperfections such as scars.


If any of the following cases applies to you, you can immediately cross off this particular technique as unsuitable:

  • skin conditions such as cold sores
  • the presence of keloid scars, in other words the excrescence of the skin where  a wound has healed
  • especially fragile skin
  • problems with scarring
  • immune system disorders.

However, rest assured, there are some alternatives to dermabrasion.

In all cases, your dermatologist of aesthetic doctor will be the best guide when choosing a method that is tailored to your requirements.

Rejuvenated skin

Dermabrasion is carried out on the areas of the face where the skin is thickest, around the lips, on the chin, the cheeks and the forehead.  No specialist would use this technique on the eyelids, they are too fragile.  For this part of the face, there are other techniques.

In the targeted areas, the results are clear.  Skin appears firmer and smoother, the complexion is more uniform, more radiant.

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