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Whether it is dry, oily, mixed or normal, skin can become dehydrated following external aggressions such as extremes in temperature, wind, sun, repeated aggressive cleansing… The upper layers of the epidermis play an essential role in the fight against these aggressions but, with age, they perform their role as a barrier less well. The skin therefore loses its capacity to retain water and dehydrates itself. As a result, wrinkles appear.

What is the origin of the phenomenon of dehydration? What are the consequences of a lack of water? Here are our answers.

What is skin dehydration?

When the skin is young, it is firm, supple, and elastic: all signs of good skin hydration. But with age, the cells in the dermis and the epidermis - the first two layers of the skin - are no longer...

What causes skin dehydration?

Over years, skin dehydrates itself. This natural phenomenon is the consequence of many changes in the skin’s layers: the production of sebum - which hydrates the skin – and hyaluronic acid - which cap...

What are the different types of dehydrated skin?

There are many reasons why your skin could become dehydrated:

You have used an unsuitable product: your skin therefore temporarily dries out
You are part of the ones who got naturally dry skin;

The evolution of dehydrated skin

Skin is comprised of 70% water. This plays a very important role! Most of this water is contained within the cells themselves, allowing them to live in good condition.
Loss of function
As time passes...

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