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No preparation is really necessary prior to a session of mesotherapy.

If you have a very sensitive skin, however, you can ask your dermatologist of aesthetic doctor to locally apply and anaesthetic cream which will reduce painful sensations during injections.

Duration and frequency of sessions

The sessions last between 15 and 30 minutes. The injections are carried out in consultation by an aesthetic doctor, on one part of the face, or the whole face.  They are often renewed 4 or 5 times, several days apart.

This treatment is considered to be gentle and does not entail any downtime. Some redness can sometimes appear, which does not prevent anyone from carrying on with their normal routine from that same day.

For the best results, your aesthetic doctor can add a relaxing break with a vitamin face pack to the session of injections.


Generally you can reprise your normal beauty routine from the following day: cleaning, cleansing, moisturising. From the third or fourth day it could be that your skin becomes flaky: a good moisturising is usually enough to deal with this slight inconvenience. Don’t forget that it is essential to follow the advice of your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor when following through these steps.

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