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To optimise the results of the peeling, it is advised to avoid exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays in the 2 – 4 weeks before peeling and to work on prevention by applying a soothing cream containing UV filters several days before the treatment in order to prepare your skin by soothing it and minimising the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Peeling sessions

The number of sessions varies according to the chosen type of peeling.  For example, deep peelings are rare and are not proposed more than once in a lifetime. Superficial peelings require between 2 and 5 sessions, 15 to 20 days apart.  They can be done once or twice a year.

During the session, the dermatologist or aesthetic doctor cleans the skin, then applies a preparatory solution before passing over the acid with the help of a brush or cotton wool pad.

Taking care of one’s skin post peeling

After a peeling session, it is essential to follow the recommendations of your aesthetic practitioner, which can include the gentle cleaning of your skin and the application of a repairing cream three times a day, or even more if you feel the need, and do this until the period of desquamation has passed. Once your skin has repaired, you can once again apply an anti-ageing cream to optimize the results of your peeling.

In all cases, sun protection is compulsory for between 1 and 3 months after the session.

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