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If one is to believe all those scenes in movies where women walk away from the table for a moment to powder their nose, a huge number of the female population must have combination skin! This type of skin combines oily skin in certain areas with normal or dry skin areas. You can tell it by its shiny appearance on the ‘T’ zone, that is to say the chin, the nose and the forehead. As for the temples and the cheeks, they are normal or dry. Combination skin requires particular attention because it needs different skincare products according to the areas of the face and it tends to become dehydrated over time.

Read our “combination skin” file, for advice and explanations.

What is combination skin?

If you have combination skin, your skin clearly shows:

Zones which tend towards being normal or dry
Zones which are oily

The difference between these two areas is more or less pronounced.
If combina...

Problems linked to this skin type

Frequently confused with normal skins, combination skins are neglected. Big mistake: in reality they require very special attention.
The problems of the “T” zone
On the “T” zone, that is to say the c...

The evolution of combination skins over the years

People with combination skin have the advantage of having a face which is partially protected from the effects of time thanks to the excess of sebum produced on the chin, the nose and the forehead. S...

Specific products for combination skin

We often confuse combination skin and normal skin but these two types of skin do not have the same needs at all.
Combination skin requires very special attention. The “T” zone has a greasy tendency a...

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