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Sandwich at lunch, or no time to cook… even with the best will in the world it is sometimes hard to control what is on your plate.  However, everything is not lost: follow these tips to put things right!

Detoxify your body

If you have neglected your nutrition for a long time and if you regularly pay for your excess through eye bags, spots, dull complexion or indeed signs of ageing appearing too early, it is highly likely that your body, overloaded with toxins, is giving out a cry for help.  Listen to it and help it, for the sake of your skin!

  • Drink more water than normal (2 litres instead of 1.5) to hydrate and retain the elasticity of your skin
  • Try drinking warm water with lemon every morning when you wake up, for three weeks, or the mornings after parties: at this temperature, hot water rehydrates better and the lemon, whole or cut in two, helps toxins to drain away.  The result: clearer skin.  
  • Whenever you can, replace tea and coffee with anti-oxidant green tea and herbal teas sage, nettle, rosemary or birch are particularly recommended for awakening the skin’s radiance.

Cleanse your skin

If there is one detox action to adopt, it must be to clean your skin, morning and night with a micellar lotion or special foaming gel. When dead skin cells are removed, the skin is far better oxygenated and if you apply your lotion or gel by making light circular movements, massaging your skin, your will boost the microcirculation of the blood. The result will be a superb complexion!

Nourish your skin

To fight cellular degeneration and to slow down skin ageing, your skin needs anti-oxidants. Obtain them through your nutrition, but also by the application of creams enriched in vitamin C vitamin E, or retinol (one of the forms of vitamin A) in order to nourish the skin from the outside and to correct the signs of ageing.

Finally, to counterbalance the damage caused by oxidative stress and glycation such as a reduction in the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the dermis, skin sagging or the formation of wrinkles, apply creams which contain:

  • Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate your skin.
  • Fatty elements like glycerin, shea butter or argan oil to give it back its suppleness.

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