RoC®  ANTI-CELLULITE & SLIMMING,Total Slim - Multi-Actions Slimming Moisturiser

Total Slim - Multi-Actions Slimming Moisturiser

Volume reduced – Firmness improved – Skin is moisturised for 24hrs

This innovative all-in-one slimming moisturiser works on the whole body: in just one application, our unique formula helps to reduce volume, reshape curves & diminish the appearance of cellulite. Your skin is firmer, smoother, more toned and moisturised for 24 hours.

Our volume reducing formula works intensely to reshape the silhouette.

  • Immediately after application: skin is softer, suppler and moisturised for 24hrs.
  • After 2 weeks: skin is firmer with a significant centimeter reduction on thighs, hips, waist and buttock*.
  • After 8 weeks: with 100 cm3 volume reduced**, elegant curves are rediscovered and your body’s silhouette appears thinner.

* Clinical study, 35 subjects, application twice a day
**Instrumental measure, average of the whole thigh’s volume, 35 subjects, application twice a day

Apply everyday on the whole silhouette (thighs, buttock, stomach, and arms). Its soft and hydrating texture absorbs easily into skin, allowing you to dress quickly.

For all skin types.

This advanced treatment combines the efficacy of 3 powerful actives:

  • Forskolin stimulates the fat elimination process (lipolysis) *.
  • Caffeine acts on fat cells to promote the fat elimination process (lipolysis) *.
  • Psyllium complements the lypolitic effects of caffeine and forskolin to offer a double action:
    • Attacks the fat tissues * to help reduce volume.
    • Reinforces the skin membrane* to visibly smooth the orange peel’s appearance and visibly tone the body.

*In vitro tests


Visible improvements are seen:
91% of women noticed a visible improvement on skin appearance. 3 out 5 women agreed that their silhouette has been reshaped.

% of women who saw an improvement
Self assessment, 36 subjects, application twice a day, subjects over 41 years old


Fats are naturally stored under the skin, in cells called adipocytes. These cells can pump up causing the appearance of cellulite. The regular use of a specific skin care product helps to visibly improve the appearance of skin.