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The Anti-Sagging Firming Concentrate PRO-DEFINE improves skin firmness, measurably lifts skin and reshapes facial contours1.  

Anti-Ageing Rituals & Skin Care

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

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Adopt a new lifestyle

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Proven tolerance
  • Format 50ml

+20% of firmness after 1 month 3


This formula contains our highest concentration of Bugrane. Thanks to its dual action technology, this concentrate improves firmness and reshapes facial contours. It provides a long-lasting measurable lift1 to prevent sagging.

  • HPE contracts skin cells2 for a measurable lift1.
  • Bugrane extract stimulates the production of elastin2 to help maintain the long-lasting lifting effect1.

Its smooth and creamy texture penetrates immediately.

1Cosmetic lifting effect

2In vitro test

Proven Results

Used daily, your skin is firmer and appears visibly tightened with an immediate and long-lasting measurable lifting effect3.

After 7 hours3:

  • Firmness: +12%
  • Lifting effect: +15%

After one month3:

  • Firmness: +20%
  • Lifting effect: +17%

3Clinical assessment, 48 subjects, application once a day


  • Apply daily, morning or evening, on face and neck.
  • This concentrate acts as a very good base for make-up.
  • Can be used alone.

Key Ingredients

  • THPE contracts skin cells2 to tighten and firm skin rapidly.
  • Bugrane extract stimulates the production of elastin2 to help maintain the lifting effect.
  • Glycerin intensely hydrates the skin for a softer touch.

THPE: Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine

2In vitro test