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The Anti-Oxidant Protecting Fluid PRO-PRESERVE improves skin’s youthful moisture and appearance.

Anti-Ageing Rituals & Skin Care

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Take Your Skin Diagnostic

Adopt a new lifestyle

Adopt a new lifestyle

  • Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Fragrance free, paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic1
  • Proven tolerance
  • Format 40ml

79% of women feel their is skin is actively hydrated 2


This fluid actively hydrates and protects skin’s youthful moisture. It combines 2 powerful anti-oxidants - vitamins C & E – that protect skin from external aggressions (pollution, wind, cold,…). It also contains UVA & UVB filters to protect skin against photo-ageing and prevent any signs of premature skin ageing. Its hypoallergenic1 and fragrance-free formula has been developed to respect even sensitive skin. Its fluid and light texture penetrates rapidly.

1Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies

Proven Results

Your skin is actively hydrated. Its youthful moisture is reinforced and protected.

After 4 weeks:

  • Skin is actively hydrated: 79% women²
  • Skin is protected: 63% women²
  • Natural defenses of the skin are reinforced³

2Self-assessment after 4 weeks of use, 135 women, application once a day

3In vitro test


  • Apply daily, ideally in the morning, as a day care.
  • Acts as a very good base for make-up.
  • Can be used alone or in complement of another RoC® facial skincare for a personalized anti-ageing daily regimen.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamins C & E, effective anti-oxidants that protect skin against the harmful effects of free radicals and against external aggressions.
  • UVA & UVB filters prevent photo-ageing and protect skin against sun-induced damages.